Will the Chess Madness Ever End?

In his day, Bobby Fischer was involved in some messy disputes in the chess world, but none as strange and sordid as the current spamming scandal that is soiling the United States Chess Federation. From Monday’s New York Post, under the headline VULGAR CHESS MESS:

“In a classic example of brainy people behaving badly, a bizarre, epithet-filled dispute is rocking the staid world of chess.

“On one side of the fight is Samuel Sloan, 63, of The Bronx, a former securities trader, ex-con, former cabdriver and would-be Republican congressional candidate from Brooklyn.

“He served a year as a member of the executive board of the United States Chess Federation, the nation’s leading such group.

“In a $20 million suit filed in Manhattan federal court in October, Sloan claims he wasn’t re-elected because Paul Truong and wife Susan Polgar, who were elected to the board in July, posted more than 2,000 scurrilous remarks under his name on chess bulletin boards.

“One of the potty-mouthed postings was, ‘I will convert that bull dyke [name withheld] with my 41/4-inch power tool.’ Another accused Sloan of performing oral sex on a 12-year-old girl and being a purveyor of kiddie porn. A woman who answered the phone at the Truong-Polgar home had no comment.”

The New York Times has also covered aspects of the controversy in both the paper and in Gambit, its chess blog.

Susan Polgar and Paul Truong have denied the allegations in Sloan’s suit; see, for example, Susan Polgar’s Chess Discussion Forums.

3 Responses to “Will the Chess Madness Ever End?”

  1. Steve in TN Says:

    Today an independent expert’s analysis of the report that started this, the so-called Mottershead report, confirmed that the report is valid.

    The expert analysis and links to the report and another expert’s opinion may be found at:

  2. Tom Panelas Says:

    On top of all this mishegas we have the guy who wouldn’t shake hands with Nigel Short, and this game in Pennsylvania where someone pulled out a gun during a chess game.

  3. M. Thomas Southerland Says:

    Clearly there is a concerted effort to cause the USCF all the difficulty possible.

    It really doesn’t matter if they claim to be saviors, the end result is the same; “Truckloads of bad press.” They say that they want to help children, though they stoke fires which burn the innocent.

    Imagine trying to explain to your 12 year old all of this bad behavior, then hoping they will stay inspired to learn all they can about our beloved sport.

    5 of 10 of the USA’s top players are forgoing the 08′ US Championship, then some turn around and say; “See, the USCF is a mess”, not realizing that some of these players might be avoiding it, to avoid the negativity that they daily spew.

    It’s hard to cuddle-up to rotten fish.

    Shine on you crazy diamonds…..

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