Heath Ledger, “Chess Champion,” Is Found Dead at 28

ledger.jpgphoto from MTV News

Heath Ledger’s talent as an actor was considerable: he has been compared to Marlon Brando and, with his earlier death, to James Dean. In Western Australia, where he grew up, he was a child actor, but he also exhibited many other talents, among them chess.

A profile of Ledger in Current Biography says that in his youth, “he had been involved in numerous sports and other activities: he was the state junior chess champion at age 10 and a junior go-kart racing champion, played hockey for the state team, and dabbled in cricket.”

In an interview last November, Ledger discussed his chess playing on MTV:

MTV: I hear you play a lot of chess in Washington Square Park.

Heath Ledger: Yeah. I’ve played since I was a kid. I play at least one game a day.

MTV: That’s dedication.

Ledger: Yeah, or obsession.

MTV: Smoking and chess?

Ledger: Yeah, they go hand in hand.

2 Responses to “Heath Ledger, “Chess Champion,” Is Found Dead at 28”

  1. Tom Panelas Says:

    I’d never even heard of this guy until my 11-year-old son told me he’d died.

  2. Heath Ledger and Chess, Part II « thepHtest Says:

    […] thepHtest Paul Hoffman on words, chess, food, science, and everything else that’s big fun. An exploration of ideas in my book King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game. « Heath Ledger, “Chess Champion,” Is Found Dead at 28 […]

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