Four-story Flatland habitat (courtesy of flatlandproject.com)

Although the Flatlanders are emerging from their two-dimensional world tomorrow, my e-mail chess with one of the artists will happily continue.  Four of the six artists have already abandoned their two-dimensional transparent habitat, and my e-pal is one of those MIA.  It’s still not too late to visit the Flatland Project at the Sculpture Center in Long Island City. 

You can attend the exit party on Sunday from 4:00-6:00 PM, when the remaining two flatigued inhabitants will rejoin the three-dimensional world.  At times like this, I wish I had a doppelgänger: I can’t participate in the exit bash because I’ll be upstate at a birthday party.


One Response to “Flatigue”

  1. Damian Says:

    I certainly enjoyed the Flatlanders exhibit. It was interesting to see the last two “survivors” roughing it in their overalls. Surprisingly both living, breathing moving works of human art seemed alert and chipper for being crammed into that space for so many days.

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