Applications to the next freshman class at Harvard are up 15 percent over last year, a New York Times blog reported.  The blogger speculated that the increase to 35,000 was due to the college’s sweetening its financial aid packages.  But I wonder if admissions are also up because of  “The Social Network’s” glamorization of Harvard as a training ground for postpubescent billionaires.  The film may also be responsible for an increase in job applications to Silicon Valley.   There are scenes of programmers who are too distracted to code because girls are hopping around in their panties.


One Response to “Veritas”

  1. Marc Abrahams Says:

    Yes, the movie (which I have not seen, but which I’ll assume paints a completely accurate picture) shows how very little the Harvard undergrad computer-programmer experience has changed in the past 35 years. The billions and the panties are things these new students must learn to accept graciously, and to cope with, as we all did.

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