Martin Gardner (1914-2010), RIP

My first journalistic assignment straight out of college was editing Martin’s Mathematical Games column in Scientific American. He kept a file on every number. Later, when I wrote a wacky math and brain teaser column under the pseudonym Dr. Crypton, he was generous. I’d call him up and ask him to tell me about a number, say 153. He’d look in his 153 file and report back: 153 is the smallest number that’s the sum of the cube of it’s digits. It’s the number of red shoes Imelda Marcos owned. Etc.

One Response to “Martin Gardner (1914-2010), RIP”

  1. ryan niemes Says:

    It’s always a shame to lose a great teacher.

    I wonder, of the numerous books he wrote, do you have a suggestion for one to start reading?

    Also, I totally love wikipedia! Check out the article on 153.


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