Alien vs. Facebook

When chessboards are shown in ads and film, a common mistake, if there are no real chess players on the set, is to arrange the board incorrectly with a black square in the right-hand corner.  An advertisement for Alien vs. Predator makes an even more elementary error, which I haven’t seen before:  Black appears to be moving first.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky because the habitues of Alien vs. Predator are more known for engaging in gory fights than in  playing leisurely cerebral board games.

Alien vs. Predator advertisement

Al least the guys at Facebook (co-founder Mark Zuckerberg playing White and product director Chris Cox playing Black) know who goes first and how to set up the chessboard.  Zuckerberg will be a piece up after he takes the bishop that has just checked his king.  Maybe Cox is giving up the cleric on purpose, believing that it’s a good career move to let his boss win, or maybe Cox just made a mistake because he was giddily distracted thinking about his company just having reached 200 million users.

Facebook (Facebook photo from the NY Times)

2 Responses to “Alien vs. Facebook”

  1. M. Greyhound Says:

    I freely admit to being immensely captivated by the Alien and Predator movies(if you don’t think Sigourney Weaver is hot, you’re either intellectually or visually challenged). I’ve never seen the SKY network, so I have no idea what they’re doing with these concepts. However, an Alien vs. Predator chess match is utterly ridiculous. It would be like a human vs. a jaguar. The Alien/jaguar wouldn’t have the foggiest notion as to what a board with chess pieces was even alluding to; they’d just be concentrating on how tasty their opponent looked. The Predator, on the other hand, is a highly evolved being capable of not only space travel, but time travel. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this would mean a Predator vs. Human match could only result in failure for humanity unless the Swartzenegger Strategy was utilized…kill your adversary.

  2. saveferris94 Says:

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