Neuroscience Majors Have More Sex Than Math Majors

This chart of virginity rates by major at Wellesley comes from the college’s Counterpoint Magazine.  Unfortunately, we do not know how many students are in each category.  For example, if there was only one studio art major and she wasn’t a virgin, then the rate reported here would be zero.  But if there were 47 art majors, then the zero result would be meaningful. The data is apparently from 2001.


2 Responses to “Neuroscience Majors Have More Sex Than Math Majors”

  1. Derek Slater Says:

    Very handy for parenting strategies, tx.

    For some reason the International Relations line is funny.

  2. joshg Says:

    As a student of computer science, I find it hard to believe that 60% of CS students are not virgins!

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