Chess Tipping

My friend Chris sent me this photo of the tip jars in the coffee shop below his office. Judging by the distribution of money, it seems that the shop is frequented by more woodpushers than masters. Or could it be that there are more (self-identified) good players than weak ones but the latter are better tippers?


3 Responses to “Chess Tipping”

  1. chessloser Says:

    i think if they were serious chess players, they wouldn’t have enough cash to tip, it would all go to books and videos and tournaments…

  2. Matthew Says:

    I read your book recently, and really loved it. Thank you for writing it, it was a blessing.

  3. Al Says:

    For a game as difficult as chess, it should really have a lot more money. There is such tremendous skill and work to play chess at the Class A + level that it’s ridiculous that it isn’t rewarded financially. Still, it’s a beautiful and useful game. That’s enough for me.

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