Political Endgame

A chess analogy carried unusually far in The Huffington Post: “At this point the entire endgame is predictable. Clinton, like a good chess player, can easily see that the remaining moves inevitably lead to checkmate; it’s time for her to tip over her King and concede defeat.”

2 Responses to “Political Endgame”

  1. Howard Goldowsky Says:

    Actually, that’s a pretty accurate analogy compared to some I’ve seen. Many analogies don’t get the chess details correct or lose accuracy in the comparison.

  2. my name Says:

    Speaking of political rhetoric…

    I just finished the Kings Gambit and enjoyed it very much. The part I do not understand is how Paul describes Russia as a super free place where you can do what you want (I cite his example of a drug club under a government building there) and Kasparov views it as the opposite. Who is right? The 2 views seem opposites.

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