Yet Another Bad Chess Analogy

In a story on the prosecutor who’ll decide whether to bring charges against Elliot Spitzer, The New York Times clumsily invokes chess: “In a way, the case is like a chess match with two grand masters, in which the high-powered players know and trust each other but will pull no punches.”

Trust each other? Suspicion, not trust, seems to dominate relations between the world’s chess elite. This is a sport in which top players freely level cheating accusations at each other when things aren’t going their way.

One Response to “Yet Another Bad Chess Analogy”

  1. SonofPearl Says:

    Although I cringe at the chess metaphors used by the (non-chess) world, they are usually consistent in their biases i.e. chess is used as a proxy for something that is complicated/boring/slow/inactive/clever.

    This attempted analogy seems to make no sense whatsoever…

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