Ralph Nader Plays the Chess Card

Not to be upstaged by Michelle Obama when it comes to woodpushing, Ralph Nader told Politico: “I was a good chess player. I did it more for the enjoyment than to crush my opponent.”

And chess was not the only game he played. “I used to play a lot of ping-pong,” he recalled. “I have a wicked backhand.”

The most interesting thing he told Politico had nothing to do with games. It was about an incident from elementary school and shows that his self-righteousness goes back at least sixty-five years:

“I was in the third grade and my teacher, Miss Franklin, said there was a public library near the school. I raised my hand and told her that it was a private memorial library and not a public library. ‘Don’t you counter me!’ she said. And she made me sit in the dunce chair. A dunce chair in the corner, and she was factually wrong.”

2 Responses to “Ralph Nader Plays the Chess Card”

  1. Eric Thomson Says:

    That second story is just perfect. I’m surprised he didn’t go into science. 🙂

  2. Castro’s 638 Lives (Or is it 634?) « thepHtest Says:

    […] thepHtest Paul Hoffman on words, chess, food, science, and everything else that’s big fun. An exploration of ideas in my book King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game. « Ralph Nader Plays the Chess Card […]

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