Hail Gata Kamsky, Chess Champion from, Yes, the United States

I was one of the (too few) chess-crazed Americans who got up early this morning to watch the live Webcast of fellow countryman Gata Kamsky playing the fourth game of his World Cup match in Siberia against Alexey Shirov. The game began at 5:00 a.m. EST, and three hours and thirty-five moves later, the game was drawn. Kamsky had won their four game match by the score of 2.5 – 1.5 and was now the World Cup Chess Champion. No American has done this well in international chess since 1972, when Bobby Fischer defeated Borris Spassky to become undisputed World Champion.

Kamsky played a total of 18 games in a series of World Cup knockout matches and lost not a single game. He was unflappable in positions where his opponents were attacking him, and he consistently employed an active defense. For his efforts at the chessboard, Kamsky will return to Brighton Beach with $120,000. Hail Kamsky!

The Internet is of course a great medium for watching world-class chess events. You can get up and stretch between moves, or you can watch commentary from top players who are also observing the games. It is sad, though, how few spectators attend these events in person. Notice the absence of an audience in this photograph of the penultimate game between Kamsky and Shirov. I like watching in person, because the tension is so palpable.


[Kamsky is on the right.]

9 Responses to “Hail Gata Kamsky, Chess Champion from, Yes, the United States”

  1. Kevin Says:


  2. paulhoffman Says:

    Thanks, I changed it, Kevin.

  3. Ryan Emmett Says:

    Fantastic result for Kamsky, I hope he thrashes Topalov when they play. Bad luck for Shirov – I feel genuinely sorry for him but it wasn’t to be.

  4. Rudy Says:

    Bobby Fischer is still the best.

  5. Wahrheit Says:

    If the matches were held in, say, London or New York rather than Siberia I expect live attendance would be a lot higher.

  6. David K, Seattle Says:

    paul, you probably are right, but what of our good friend Yasser, who was according to Sonas, in the world top ten or fifteen off and on in the eighties? he did not win a big event like this, but much else? as i recally, you were next to him at the NY Athletic Club, and my comment is intended fully constructively. warm regards, David K Seattle

  7. Sissyfus Says:

    $120,000.00 ? Well, Gata has enough money to prepare for the world championship without the help of the USCF.

  8. KC Says:

    For the newbies here please share where YOU like to watch chess online while reading expert commentary. I

  9. pump high heel shoes Says:

    YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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