No Nunchucks in the White House, No Fellation in the Library

Once I went to a reception at the White House for Stephen Hawking. As I passed through the metal detectors at the security check point, I read a sign that listed prohibited items such as knives, guns, and nunchucks. Gee, I thought, does the sign really deter world-be presidential assassins? And nunchucks!! If it weren’t for the sign, would Kobudo warriors have taken over the president’s home?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the august reading room of The New York Public Library searching for a topic for my next book, and I was similarly struck by a list of seemingly self-evident prohibited behavior:

Obscene and/or abusive language or gestures.

Creating a public disturbance.

Harassing or threatening behavior.

Sexual acts.

Use of bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, or similar items.

Engaging in any activity that is a violation of criminal or civil law.

One Response to “No Nunchucks in the White House, No Fellation in the Library”

  1. Ryan Emmett Says:

    We Brits have a lot of very silly laws. A favourite of mine is that pregnant women are allowed to urinate wherever they want. I’m not sure if this has been tested in our courts!

    Others are here:

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