I’ve always had a soft spot for Yeti (the abominable snowman), Sasquatch (“wild man of the woods”), the Loch Ness monster, and other folklorish creatures that dreamy people think are real. And thus I was delighted when the Scottish loch-ness-monster.jpgserpent was spotted on holiday in Brooklyn of all places. Artist Cameron Gainer installed the 12.5-foot-tall Nessie in the salt marsh off Marine Park. I’ve watched Nessie grow up, because Cameron built the serpent in my friend Matt’s synagogue. New Yorkers in need of a nature fix should check out the improbable visitor.  Rumor has it (and I won’t deny it) that I slipped information about the Loch Ness monster into my book King’s Gambit.


31 Responses to “Cryptozoology”

  1. Jon Jacobs Says:

    Marine Park! Wow, I live right there! Thanks for the head-up, Paul.

  2. The Invertebrate Turkey « thepHtest Says:

    […] went this afternoon to visit the Lochness monster (because it was a drizzly day, with limited visibility—perfect conditions, in other words, for […]

  3. paulhoffman Says:

    Jon, I visited on Sunday because the artist was showing the serpent to a group of colleagues and friends. It’s really awesome. I think Nessie is visiting the salt marsh until the middle of December.

  4. bob Says:

    how fake can u get i mean just look at that

  5. Shannon Says:

    wow……. i think that that was wonderful! I secretly believe in all the myths.. and such. Loch Ness monster i believe is real, but today i found a picture(i was lookin nessie)….. basically nessie , the famous nessie picture, may have just been an elephant trunk. hmmm… quite possible. anyways….. i like the pictures. and bob…… of course its bloody fake. you think there is gonna be anything real like that in brooklyn…. doubtful

  6. ashley Says:

    I think that the loch ness moster is alive but other people think that the loch ness monster is not alive but i do and i one day want to go to the lock ness lake a try to spot out the lock ness monster. i’ll see if its real or not. people may not believe it’s real but i’ll know for my self ………………………………………………………………………
    tell you when i see it 4 my self

  7. Anna Says:

    Paul says so in his little blurb. Why else would an artist be installing it?

  8. Kaili Says:

    This picture looks extremly fake. I must say it looks like a toy that you float around in your pool only larger and shaped to look like the Lochness Monster. If people started faking it then maybe we’d actually get to see if there is any real proof of the Lochness Monster.

  9. Elise Says:

    I think the loch ness monster is real but to be honest that is probobly a statue model thingy they have there.

  10. sisi Says:

    I think that it’s a real monster but I doubt on having it till now on Earth

  11. helen Says:

    seriously. that thing looks fake!

  12. Sierra Says:

    it is sooooooooo fake no one will believe it if you keep it up so STOP!!!

  13. lili Says:

    that does really look fake like they pasted it or sum thing but seriously it looks fake

  14. Ravi Rawal Says:


  15. Kriss0869 Says:

    That’s not the loch ness monster. It’s a statue.

  16. Spark839 Says:

    SO FAKE!!!!!!! 😦

  17. kelly Says:

    Will people stop faking and making fun of the loch ness monster because its not funny. just because we havnt proved that nessie exists scientifically doesn’t mean we shouldn’t believe in it. i believe in it. theres bein too many eye witnesses and such for the the loch ness monster to be just a myth and hoaxes.

  18. Rosy Says:

    the ducks seem to like that ”thing”

  19. niar Says:

    ih wow,,,

    niey beneran gag sie,,???

  20. ashley Says:

    DUH it’s fake. If you’re actually READ the article you’d know that an artist BUILT it and installed it in the lake in NY….
    I understand words are difficult, perhaps stay off the internet if you can only grasp concepts that have pictures.

  21. Emily Says:

    This is a reply to Shannon:
    How could it possibly be an elephant trunk. Lake Loch Ness is more then 1000 feet deep.

  22. lilo Says:

    That is so fake. Seriously look at it; it looks like something you buy at Walmart and blow up at home

  23. yasmin Says:

    It looks realy fake
    Is this a toy ????

    I think it’s not alive

    I’m sorry…

  24. myra and angelica Says:

    Myra:these picture looks fake.It looks like you got the picture from a mini golf course or something.

    Angelica:looks fake and you should delete it.

  25. Lina Says:

    Seriously, calm down. Of course it looks fake. It IS “fake.” If you bothered to read the article, he comes right out and says it’s a piece of art in Brooklyn and he watched it being created in a synagogue… it’s not like anyone is even trying to pass it off as a living creature.

  26. cristina Says:

    thats dosen’t look real -_-

  27. ddddd Says:

    you people need a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ddddd Says:

    people you need brains!

  29. Football..luv Says:

    Long ago..around the old circus..elephants would swim in nearby rivers, lakes, ponds, or any water they could find! They didn’t have to come up for air all the time, and so they would stick up there trunks! That could be it! But I do believe in the Loch Ness monster, just not the pics.

  30. selma Says:

    this looks so fake

  31. michelle Says:

    this picture is very nice i have a copy of it because i am doing a proget for loch ness and i find it very scary the way it looks it might look real on pictures but when u go 100 ftt to words it u dont know what could happen

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