Knights Need Help from Queens

Alas, the New York Knights went down to defeat last night in the US Chess League at the hands of the Philadelphia Inventors. The first two boards, Irina Krush and Yuri Lapshun, lost; Robert Hess drew, and Irina Zenyuk won. The last round of the regular season is next week, and the Knights have an outside chance of reaching the playoffs. They will need to defeat the New Jersey Knockouts and score at least a full win more than the Baltimore Kingfishers achieve against the Queens Pioneers. So how about a little cross-borough cooperation, with the Pioneers doing their part to help their Manhattan brethren?

The Knights can’t yet get it together when their star Hikaru Nakamura is otherwise occupied. He is off in Barcelona crushing grandmasters by making his moves at his usual breakneck speed.


2 Responses to “Knights Need Help from Queens”

  1. Tom Panelas Says:

    As the Pioneers’ #1 fan (self-proclaimed), I’m totally on board with this idea and will spread the word. Let the five boroughs close ranks and pull for a New York team to make the playoffs. Go, Queens! Go, Knights!

    Hey, I know hindsight is 20/20, but do you think “Wild Man” Lapshun should have played something sharper against Kudrin last night, like maybe the Duras Gambit, instead of playing it safe with the theoretically sound but hackneyed Sicilian? He might have ended up in the Duras Gambit Declined, which seems to have good winning chances for Black.

  2. bioniclime Says:

    Sorry you guys have to lose tonight. I hope you enjoy your November off! Go, New Jersey!! 🙂

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