Royal Error


In an early post, I good-naturedly ragged on Robert Hess, the chess-master athlete on the New York Knights, for not making sure the board was set up correctly in his fifteen minutes of fame in the New York Daily News. Now Kenyan Chess Blog provides several amusing examples of incorrect boards in promotional material for the highest levels of chess. Like the above poster for none other than the 2004 World Chess Championship, in which the positions of the White king and queen are reversed.

4 Responses to “Royal Error”

  1. Shazgood Says:

    I have postulated the three laws of chess advertisement to explain these badly assembled chess boards:

    let me explain the First Law of Chess Advertisement. This states quite categorically, that “you absolutely must make sure to place the pieces the wrong way round for the expensively-assembled photo-shoot.”

    The Second Law of Chess Advertisement goes like this: “You must ban all people who know the basic rules of chess from coming within a hundred yards of the photograph, or have any dealings with editing or publishing the photograph.”

    Lastly, the Third Law of Chess Advertisement is not a law of chess or of advertisements at all, but a law of physics and has been demonstrably proved to be as fundamental a law as E=Mc2 or the first and second laws of thermodynamics. It is that in any randomly assembled chess set, the right-hand bottom square is always black.

    This was all by-the-by, when I wrote about chocolate chess pieces!

  2. Tom Panelas Says:

    And it’s not just advertising. Look at your March 2007 issue of Chess Life. On the cover illustration, both players have pawns of their own on their back ranks.

    Maybe everybody knows this already.

  3. HagstromCondor Says:

    The examples cited by Kenyan Chess Blog and Mr. Panelas make this Rozerem(TM) blunder comparatively forgiveable.

  4. Edwin Korir Says:

    I have always been amused by this stuff.

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