King’s Gambit Accepted

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the publication of my new book, King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game. I’m happy with the response of readers and reviewers to the book, and have gotten feedback from far-flung regions of the world. So thank you all.

As a writer who holed himself up for two years in Internet cafes (after a couple of years of solid research), it was gratifying for me to read a review in Newsday that acknowledged the complexity of the book and responded to my portrayal of chess as a passionate activity.”Chess is truly a great subject,” Emily Gordon wrote in Newsday. “There’s nothing sedentary about the players of this seated game. Hoffman – who once played Kasparov himself – seems to have met most of them, and he has a terrific ear for dialogue. He shows us that chess rivals can be close as lovers: “After he downed another vodka, Karpov looked a bit wistful. ‘I know Kasparov as well as I know anyone,’ he told me. ‘I know his smell. I can read him by that.’ Indeed, the two men had sat face-to-face for a total of perhaps 750 hours, their foreheads sometimes only millimeters apart as they leaned in over the chessboard. ‘I recognize the smell when he is excited and I know it when he is scared. We may be enemies, but we are intimate enemies.'”

You can read the entire review here.

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