Economic Fallout from Chess Scandal

Dylan McClain reports today in his chess blog for The New York Times that there are already repercussions from the lawsuit between a former board member of the United States Chess Federation and two current members. One sponsor is so disgusted with the infighting among chess politicians that he has withdrawn his support: “Dr. Eric Moskow, a Florida doctor specializing in internal medicine, who had pledged to contribute up to $1 million over the next few years to sponsor tournaments, has decided that he does not want to put money into chess in the United States at this time.”

It is sad that the royal game is once again falling victim to the sliminess of chess politics.

Part of my unwelcome maturation as a tournament chess player, which I wrote about in King’s Gambit, was my realization that this noble abstract game was a magnet—particularly at the organizational level—for deceptive, small-minded people.

One Response to “Economic Fallout from Chess Scandal”

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