Martin Landau Dragged into Chess Cheating Scandal

The manager of Veselin Topalov, who forced world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik to defend his hydration and evacuation habits in last year’s Toiletgate cheating scandal, has finally released a video. The manager claims that Kramnik left the video behind in his private restroom at the World Championship and is the blueprint for how he cheated Topalov. (Many thanks to Tom Panelas for posting the video on his own blog.)

4 Responses to “Martin Landau Dragged into Chess Cheating Scandal”

  1. Al Says:

    Thank you for great episode.
    But, your text is nonsense.

  2. Daniel Lucas Says:

    Not only did they anticipate current cheating methods, but they also anticipated the FIDE knockout tournament! (Look closely at the scoreboard in the last few seconds.)

  3. Tom Panelas Says:

    Being of a certain age I remember the old Mission: Impossible show with fondness.

    I think this clip is hilarious for so many reasons, the main one being that here’s Landau sitting there with an earpiece the size of the Hope Diamond and a wire running right into his suit jacket, and nobody says a word to him about it. What do they think it is, a hearing aid? Can you imagine somebody walking into a tournament today sporting a rig like that?

    Then, when Landau is in check, he needs a computer to tell him to move his king to the next rank. After that the guy with the Black pieces, his skewer having worked, feigns this serious think before going ahead and taking the rook.

    Finally, when the game is over the loser smiles warmly as he shakes Landau’s hand. He’s the absolute picture of sportsmanship, utterly gracious in defeat, something I suspect will strike anyone reading King’s Gambit as fairly odd.

    Now this.

  4. Ixnei Says:

    Apparently the first video link from the blog (#0Ro6vqNNNSI) “is no longer available” and the second (#eRzOUjnzpgU) “has been removed due to terms of use violation.” Have they vaporized due to the impending litigation? This sounds interesting to me, as it does appear the gentleman with his back to us in the still does indeed have an earphone jack plugged in. Oh well, just more of the same old con job, I guess.

    Negative drama such as these sorts of accusations, whether true or contrived, usually have a positive impact, in that they give the story/subject matter more appeal to the masses (those who’d otherwise be disinterested). What does that say about the madness of mob mentality.

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