Earth Isn’t Doomed After All

If you are feeling down because of the protracted war in Iraq, the anniversary of 9/11, or the ineptitude of the international chess federation to put forward a coherent plan for choosing a world chess champion, here’s some news to cheer you up. A team of astronomers in Naples, Italy, believes that five billion years from now Earth may be able to outlast the expected apocalyptic swelling of the Sun to 100 times its current diameter. In the current issue of Nature, they report the discovery of an Earthlike planet that survived its own sun’s explosion.

5 Responses to “Earth Isn’t Doomed After All”

  1. Daniel Lucas Says:

    Don’t know the truth of this story, but I remember reading about 20 years ago that Carl Sagan was on Donahue or some such show and mentioned the sun burning out after another 5 billion years. A caller asked, “How much time did you say until the sun burns out?” Sagan responded, “5 billion years.” The caller said, “Oh, thank goodness. I thought you had said 5 MILLION.”

  2. Z Kornin Says:

    Not completelly off the topic – but a very samll question, and one that I know already the answer – because Lev Apteker and Auckland are kiwi signposts – that game obviously was played in New Zealand – anyway: I still would like to see the score of some of Your games (for instance that hsitoriacal with Rossolimo) Zalmen, Curitiba, Brasil

  3. Z Kornin Says:

    ops sorry the link is

  4. Blue Devil Knight Says:

    That’s the good news. You neglected to tell them the bad news…

    While Earth may survive, life will cease.

  5. Derek Slater Says:

    Yeah, BDK, It’s kinda going to suck either way.

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