A Whale of an Index

Two-time U.S. Women’s Champion Jennifer Shahade blogged about how she began “reading” my book King’s Gambit by consulting the index for all mentions of Shahade.

I love indexes. Today I found my old Thomas calculus book from high school, and, just as I remembered, there was a little hijinks in the index. It says, “Whales, p. 188.” But turn to page 188 and you’ll find no mention of whales; there are two graphs on the page, though, that are vaguely whale-shaped.

Can you name the book that contains the following index entries?

Allen, Woody, 20

Bust, 376-77

Clinton, Bill, 311

Cruise, Tom, 72

Fishburne, Laurence, 65

Houdini, Harry 20

Madonna, 199

3 Responses to “A Whale of an Index”

  1. Tom Panelas Says:

    Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning?

  2. Tom Panelas Says:

    Oh, wait, never mind: It’s King’s Gambit–duh. (I cheated.)

  3. Stuart Haber Says:


    On reading this posting, I also fondly remembered (or thought I remembered) something from an old math book. I found Rotman’s “Theory of Groups” on my shelf, opened to the index, and — yes, it was there: Sandwiched between p-group and Polya, Rotman has an entry that reads

    Pippik, Moishe, see Navel, Maurice.

    Care to guess what’s listed under “Navel, Maurice”?

    — Stuart

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