Owen Wilson and Me

The current issue of People, with an anguished Owen Wilson on the cover, is the first consumer magazine to review my book. I’m happy that People awarded King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game, three and a half out of four stars!

“Chess has long been known as the game of kings,” People wrote,” but according to journalist and former Encyclopaedia Britannica president Paul Hoffman, it also attracts models, madmen, and malcontents. Take Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of chess’s international governing body, who rules the semi-autonomous Russian province of Kalmykia and believes the game has extraterrestrial origins. The author’s thorough study of the sport is rife with backstabbing, suicide and adultery. The sum is a story readers will find fascinating, even if the closest they’ve ever come to playing the game in checkers.”

King’s Gambit will be in the stores in seven days, but pre-publication copies are available at 34% off.


4 Responses to “Owen Wilson and Me”

  1. Blue Devil Knight Says:

    Congratulations on the positive press!

  2. Howard Goldowsky Says:

    Isn’t Owen Wilson Kasparov’s manager? Oh, that’s Owen Williams. Sorry. I thought, for a sec, that Kasparov’s manager was on the cover of People. BTW, Paul, good news on the People review — that will sell copies. Just the fact that a chess book got a review in People is incredible. But did you see Mark Weeks’s scathing review of your book? He had a few bones to pick with your prose.

  3. paulhoffman Says:

    I wouldn’t call it a review of my book. It was a review of an except on my Web site, the excerpt having been set from an uncorrected galley of my book. The spelling of one grandmaster’s name was incorrect in the galley but is correct in the printed book. Mark takes issue with my childhood experience of Larsen behaving “aggressively” in a simul. But that’s exactly how I remember it. Mark also points out that I got something wrong in my description of the mechanics of a simul; I inexplicably did.

    There will be factual errors that I’ll need to correct in future editions. There are gremlins that slipped in even though lots of strong players and copy editors read the manuscript. For instance, I have Nigel Short becoming a GM two years before he actually did.

  4. Cheeseman Says:

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