“Rich Bitch”

At lunch at Oriole9, which serves the best cup of coffee north of Brooklyn and south of Ithaca (it’s only $1.50 and you get a mini-pot of freshly steamed milk), I noticed that the tabloid headline wars have flared up over Leona Helmsley. Today’s clear winner was the New York Post.

“LEONA’S DOG GETS 12M!” the Daily News headline screamed. “But she leaves two grandkids NOTHING in will,” added the subline.

The Post ran the dishy headline “RICH BITCH” next to a large photo of Leona Helmsley clutching a froufrou snow-white pooch. The subhead offered a clarification: “No, not Leona–her dog just inherited $12M”

4 Responses to ““Rich Bitch””

  1. Tom Panelas Says:

    Gee, I miss New York.

  2. paulhoffman Says:

    So I gather, Tom, that the Tribune and Sun-Times have gotten staid in their old age.

  3. Tom Panelas Says:

    The Sun-Times has actually turned it up a notch in recent years. Today it resembles a Murdoch tabloid more than it did when Murdoch owned it. The front page always has some sensational outrage.

    The difference is that the Sun-Times doesn’t have another tabloid competitor that forces it every day to the extreme edge of tabloidicity.

    The other thing is that in Chicago we just don’t have outsized personalities like Trump and Leona. The Sun-Times can pick on Mayor Daley, but people here just don’t get exercised about political corruption. Awhile back they were reduced to fulminating about Cook County President Todd Stroger’s private elevator. Snore.

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    […] York Post meant a lot to me. (I’m also tickled that the review appeared in the Post, whose headlines I’ve enjoyed for years). Under the headline ACCEPT ‘GAMBIT’ AS A GOOD READ, […]

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