King’s Gambit Is Here

I received, hot off the press, one of the first copies of King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game.  I’m excited, of course, because the book is the culmination of years of my thinking about chess and what it means to me, an amateur fan, and those who play it at the highest level.  The book is part memoir (of growing up with a brilliant bohemian father in New York’s Greenwich Village) and part a deep look at the emotional pressures of championship chess.

Of course, I’m combing the 433-page tome for errors.  (I had originally written “tomb,” not tomean ironic mistake pointed out by a friend: I do feel a bit spent, as well as euphoric, now that the book is done.)  I hope I’ve eliminated most of themmany people read earlier draftsbut I know that gremlins, which I’ll correct in future printings, will inevitably slip in. 

The book, which will be in stores on September 11, was mailed to reviewers yesterday.  Now I just need to sit back and hope that King’s Gambit catches the Zeitgeist.

6 Responses to “King’s Gambit Is Here”

  1. evan rosenberg Says:

    Congratulations Paul! Best of luck with the book and all your future success.

  2. CT Says:

    Congratulationns and success with the new book.

  3. shazgood Says:

    Great news that the book is out. I am looking forward to buying and reading a copy! Good luck.

  4. paulhoffman Says:

    Thank you all. I appreciate the good wishes.

  5. Tom Panelas Says:

    Congratulations, Paul. I look forward to reading it.

  6. Blue Devil Knight Says:


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