Chess in Montreal


Black just retreated his queen from e7 to e8, when I spotted a nice tactic. What should White play?

I was wondering around Montreal this weeked with my eight-year-son when we stumbled on two huge chess games that were being conducted in an open space known as Parc Émile-Gamelin, on the corner of rue Saint Catherine and rue Saint Hubert.  The space was made up of two-and-a-half-foot square stones.   An eight by eight array of these sqtones was demarcated as a chessboard, and every other square was colored.  The chessmen were huge plastic pieces that were filled with weighty material so that they would not tip over.

The man in charge asked me if I wanted to add my name to the list of players.  The wait was an hour, so we went off and ate French-Vietnamese food.  When we returned to the board, it was my turn, and I easily beat my adversary in a brisk game.  It was winner-take-all, so I played again, assisted by my son, whom I enlisted to move the pieces for me.  All in all, I won six or seven games in a row, until darkness encroached on my opportunity to shine further.  

My last opponent was the toughest, although he slipped up when he retreated his queen from e7 to e8 to reach the above postion.  I now had a killer tactic.

I took his pawn with my bishop and checked him.  Now if he captures the bishop with his pawn. my queen can take his rook.  Nor can he retreat his king to g8 becasue his queen will be undefended and I’ll capture it with my lady.  He was dead meat, and my son was happy that I was champion of Parc Émile-Gamelin.

One Response to “Chess in Montreal”

  1. Daniel Lucas Says:

    Since in addition to large-scale pieces the other predominant form of public chess involves blitz hustlers, I wonder about combining the two. Blitz chess with oversized pieces could be the next faddish form of aerobic exercise! And since the hustlers seldom seem to be in good shape, largely due to their other “recreations,” perhaps this is a way for the average patzer to even the playing field.

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