What do Hillary Clinton and Muammar Gadhafi Have in Common?

I was totally satisfied with the final scene of “The Sopranos.”  The show was at its root a family drama, and so it was appropriate to have the dysfunctional family gather one last time for a meal.  And when Tony glances at the door, with a strange, hard-to-read expression, and the screen cuts to black. the ambiguity, too, felt right.  Maybe Tony saw his killer walk into the resturant, or maybe it was just Meadow who was late because of her repeated attempts at parking.   It was a convenient ending, too: because the Sopranos were not killed off, HBO can always resurrect the show if James Gandolfini needs an infusion of cash.

I have been suffering Sopranos withdraw, though, and to get a fix, I tuned in this morning to Hillary and Bill’s parody of the final scene.  At first, before I actually saw it, I thought the idea was brilliant.  Finally Hillary could wipe that forced smile off her face, show us her true relaxed, playful self, and ride the coattails of television’s most popular dramatic series.  But a few seconds into the YouTube video, I saw that even with all the high-powered coaching she must have received, the woman was stiff.  She can’t act.  She can’t relax, at least not in front of a camera.  She makes Al Gore look like Laurence Olivier. 

And, then, whatever pop culture points she got by mixing it up with the Sopranos were lost when she unveiled her campaign song, “You and I,” by Celine Dion, who is not exactly Canada’s hippest export.  I suppose Hillary is making herself look presidential by associating herself with a singer who is a favorite of other heads of state. 

When I talked my way into the World Chess Championship in Tripoli in 2004 (we did not have diplomatic relations with Libya then), I was amused to hear Celine Dion playing in the airport where I was detained and interrogated on suspician of being, not a chess journalist, but CIA.  “Leader,” as Muammad Gadhafi was creepily called by his subjects, apparently enjoyed listening to Dion and thought everyone else should, too.

You can read all about my strange adventures in Tripoli in my forthcoming book, King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game.


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One Response to “What do Hillary Clinton and Muammar Gadhafi Have in Common?”

  1. Sir Daniel M.J. Tobin Says:

    Firts of all, War Criminal Abu Minyar,”colonel”muammar gaddaffi) of Sirte,Libya has no subjects, only victims in desert graves, bogs in Europe, fields in Europe, Asia, Araby and “dissenters” in jails, and deported Libyan nationals and enemies of King Idris Monarchy as a non-shariah compliant fraud, blasphemer and failed chess player. A backward man of over 60 years of age, he should be taken into custody for war crimes and sentenced to prison labor camp for ordering the bombing of Pan Am Flight #103, which took my brother Mark Lawrence Christopher Tobin’s life, and 269 others on 1988, the 8th day of Hannakah, and 4 days before some celebrate the birth of Yeshua.I am the Christian American poet, singer, songwriter, guitarist and Award of Appreciation Recipient from the NY Blood Center, and Nassau County Executive Committee Chairman to The Constitution Party, and candidate for The Office of The President of The United States 2008 and 2012 on any available party lines, as I have fulfilled the constitutional age and residency requirements to assume the powers of The Office of The President of The United States in 2009 and again in 2013 in Washington, D.C.
    Neither Celine Dion nor Hillary Clinton have had the honor of getting to shake my hand or enjoy my presence, but their so-called services are easily replaced and their attempts at singing and impersonations of responsible leadership will be exposed as shams upon enjoyment and endorsements of my cds “Rabbi Daniel Shalom, All Patriot, NO Act” and elections:Mr. Dan Tobin for President, 115 Atlantic Ave Apt 2A,Hempstead,NY 11550-1204, WHPC 90.3 FM

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