Go Team!

Below is my fantasy chess team for the 2007 United States Chess Championship, in which 36 wood-shifters are duking it out over the board.  The fantasy competition is clever.  You choose seven players, and the rules prevent you from simply selecting the seven highest ranked players: your team’s average rating can’t exceed 2510.  After three of nine rounds, my team has scored twelve points.  Today won’t be good because two of my players are facing each other.

Hikaru Nakamura 2755
Alexander Shabalov 2656
Eugene Perelshteyn 2612
Irina Krush 2480
David Pruess 2461
Jay Bonin 2381
Irina Zenyuk 2186

2 Responses to “Go Team!”

  1. chris Says:

    fantasy chess is really geeky. talk about levels of abstraction…

  2. paulhoffman Says:

    let’s up the geek ante by having a fantasy league where you choose a seven-person team of people who have picked fantasy chess teams.

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